Jing Yu

OIP Walkthrough

Open Insulin Project

The digital app breaks the Open Insulin protocol into 7 steps, below you can find detailed walkthroughs of each stage of the Open Insulin Brew.


Ordering the kit

Made simple and easy. These kits are distributed through local open insulin facilities and therefore can be delivered within a couple of days. The physical kit contains everything needed to brew insulin in a sterile, pre-packaged environment. Each kit has a unique lot number that is used to anchor all the information about the batch of insulin that comes out of the kit. The digital app catalogs the lot number, timestamps and metadata associated with each brew which helps Open Insulin Facilities and the community when it comes time to verify or troubleshoot the open insulin you produce.

Setting up the Kit

This is the ‘mise en place’ of Open Insulin production. The key, before you start to brew is to #1 Make sure everything is there, #2 Make sure everything is working, #3 Make sure everything is attached correctly before you start.